What is Pilates?

Pilates is a system of exercise that integrates the entire body through a series of strengthening and stretching movements. It promotes deep muscular strength, overall body tone, flexibility, postural awareness, and efficient body mechanics. Each workout moves the body through flexion, extension, rotation and sidebending, culminating into a sequence of flowing, precise, coordinated movements that are guided by your breath.

Why Practice Pilates?

Exercises are safe, yet challenging, because they work the body in proper alignment, balance opposing muscles, and offer endless modifications to support and challenge all abilities. Pilates can be done on the mat or specialized equipment.

The equipment is spring and pulley operated and utlizies gravity and your own body weight. it is low impact on the joints, and helps foster a long, toned physique.

Pilates compliments other sports activities like running, biking, hiking, climbing, and swimming that tend to work only certain groups of muscles and only move the body in limited ranges of motion.

Pilates exercises teach awareness of neutral body alignment of the spine, pelvis and joints, and strengthens the deep postural muscles that support this alignment. This helps clients relearn the natural alignment of the body and take functional movements from their sessions out into the world. As a result, clients get not only a better looking body, but a better working one too.


We offer a variety of classes for clients to experience the lasting benefits of Pilates

Beginning Pilates Equipment

For those who are new to Pilates or who have taken some mat classes but are new to the equipment. We will teach you the Pilates principles and the beginning repertoire of exercises within a fun and challenging workout.

Intermediate/Advanced Pilates Equipment

For those who have been practicing Pilates on the reformer and other specialized equipment and are ready for the added challenges of cardio, choreography, and advanced exercises.

Easy Does It Equipment

This Beginning Equipment class is geared towards those with chronic postural misalignment and/or chronic pain who want to release tension and relearn neutral postural alignment. There is a strong focus on each client learning about their particular issues and finding new ways to move comfortably in their body.

Baby/Toddler and Me Equipment Classes

We offer a series of equipment classes for Parents who need to get a workout with kids in tow. We have a variety of toys and books to keep kids happy.

Postpartum Pilates Equipment

For new moms who are ready to reconnect to their core muscles (abdominals, buttocks, inner thighs and back), and achieve overall body tone, strength and flexibility. Exercises are based on the Women's Center for Fitness Prenatal and Postpartum Fitness Program. Mom's will also learn easy exercises and stretches they can do at home to help them bounce back from pregnancy.

Prenatal Pilates

Get ready for baby with this effective body workout that changes to fit your changing body. Stretch and strengthen where your body needs it most. Learn at home exercises and prepare your body with upper body, buttocks and leg strengthening.

Pilates Mat

This mixed level class allows a maximum of six people enabling the instructor to give corrections and modifications based on each clients level. We incorporate various props like the magic circle, foam roller, theraband, hand weights, rotational discs and arcs to add assistance or extra challenge.

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